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make love to the camera

November 10, 2003 - 11:51 am

In Order To Be Allowed To Do That, You'd Have To Join Some Club That Allows You To Do That

I donít know what itís been about FadeIn lately, but I havenít really been feeling it. I want each entry to swagger into the room, pin you against the wall, and make love to you like youíve always secretly wished it would. Instead, I feel like my entries have been more like an obese, debauched, boor of a royal figure of indeterminate sexuality that slumps in a bejeweled throne making lame attempts at wit in between belches of greasy pheasant.

You know the feeling.

My life has settled into this nice little routine. A few weeks ago, I would have killed for a little taste of structure, and now that I have it, itís great, and Iím not complaining. I have stuff to do and Iím being given money to do it, and I can pay my rent and eat without worry. Now that those basics are taken care of, I need something more. The next step up on the hierarchy of needs is some kind of project thatís going to move me forward.

Between the IO and the short film, Iím already performing as much as I can without getting new headshots, so it looks like Iím going to try to tackle a writing project. Well, when I can, anyway. I donít feel like I ever have any time.

Again, not complaining. In fact, I made excellent use of my time yesterday. Robin cooked for me earlier in the week, so I returned the favor last night. She brought a bottle of white wine, and I made grilled chicken, steamed broccoli and baked potato. Earlier in the day, she and I had rehearsed the scene from the film weíre in together, then we had dinner and spent some quality time together.

And, really, itís not a new sentiment, I know, but what more does one need? It was a day filled with the arts, good food, good company, and sweet sweet sweetness.

So. Things? Theyíre swell.

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