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November 13, 2003 - 11:09 am

Internal Affairs of an Extremely Geeky and Inside Magnitude

Oy. I wasn’t even planning on updating today. But now I have no choice. I have to rise to a young woman’s defense. And I have to say to Marn, the veritable Oprah of diaryland, “Girl, don’t EVEN look at me like you know me!”

After having read my last entry, Marn seems to have come to the opinion that my friend in question is “manners challenged” and “tacky.” This could not be further from the truth. My friend is one of the classiest girls I’ve had the pleasure to meet of late. She’s smart, and she knows exactly how to act, and I consider her a friend that wouldn’t do anything, intentional or otherwise, to make me feel weird.

The conversation we had was all in fun, and not uncomfortable in the slightest. When I said I was uncomfortable in yesterday’s entry, I was referring only to the fact that I was forcing you good people to spend brain activity thinking of my genitalia. The conversation itself was fun, light, and completely within bounds.

It’s all fine and good for Marn to have any opinion she wishes of the subject matter, but if she wants to think that my pal is anything other than a cool chick who’s a classy, upstanding friend of mine, she’s just wrong.

I’m happy to discuss my penis with her anytime.

And, as long as I’m playing the Libya to the Canadian superpowers of 12%, how in the bloody hell did Genghis get passed over for Beermate again? Joeyboy, you could have added four new Beermates and they wouldn’t have equaled the funny in one GJ. In my opinion, Jon has more laugh out loud funny in one stupid throwaway entry than half the people in 12% that try.

Don’t sweat it, GJ. You’re too good, and people just don’t know what to do with you.

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